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Regardless of color, a smooth paint job puts the finishing touch on your vehicle. Whether you notice an issue with your family car’s paint job, want to make a strong statement with a luxury vehicle, or need help restoring a classic, Touch of Perfection is the trusted professional company for quality.

To perfect automotive paint, we skillfully use machine finishing to remove all the present defects. The severity of the defects determines whether you need minor or major correction.

If your car simply lacks that final luxurious shine or exhibits minor paint inconsistencies, opt for minor paint correction. This process eliminates between 60% to 70% of paint defects. Minor paint correction can address light hologramming, shallow scratches, wash marring, and swirls.

For more serious damage, choose major paint correction. This more intense multi-step process can remove as much as 98% to 100% of paint defects. Major paint correction produces a high-gloss finish with a great deal of depth by removing heavy swirling, persistent scratches, and other intense defects. In addition, paint correction can address all of the following paint concerns:

Bird-dropping corrosion and etching
Hologramming left by an inexperienced detailer
Imbalanced paint finish
“Spider-webbing” caused by circular wash patterns
Water spots and scratches left during automated car washing 

While your usual detailer can hide these defects for a short time, only an expert paint correction technician can completely remove them. Let Touch of Perfection restore your vehicle’s paint job to its true brilliance.

We’ve built a reputation with vehicle owners throughout the tri-state area. Owner Bill Sullivan has over 25 years of experience, plus the skill, training, and equipment to achieve the best possible appearance for your car, truck, motorcycle, or boat. To schedule a consultation or paint correction service, fill out our online inquiry form.

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