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​Pontoon Boats

ALUMETRON  is a new discovery from Aurora Marine Industries that pontoon boat owners have been waiting for. The biggest single complaint that pontoon owners have about their boats is the difficulty and drudgery of maintaining their pontoons. Most are impractical to haul out of the water after each use so they are traditionally left in the water all season long. Within a few weeks of launching them, the pontoons begin staining and corroding and by the end of the season they look more like rusty steel drums than the highly prized shiny silver look they had when the boat was new. 

ALUMETRON  is a clear polymer coating that protects raw, anodized and cast aluminum against oxidation, tarnish, staining, corrosion, pitting, salt spray, road film, acid rain and environmental damage. It’s so tough that it will stand up to constant fresh and salt water immersion and still keep aluminum pontoons and boat hulls looking shiny and new all season long. It will protect trailered pontoons, fence rails, wakeboard and fishing towers, outriggers and sail rigging against corrosion and pitting for up to 5 years. 

ALUMETRON  is unique because it bonds chemically as well as mechanically to aluminum, making it superior to any other aluminum coating. It’s water based and does not contain the many toxic chemicals and solvents associated with other coatings. It is not flammable or corrosive and is safe for the environment, the boat and the applicator. It’s easy to apply by wiping and inevitable scuffs and scratches can easily be retouched during the year. It seals the fissures in the aluminum making the surface less susceptible to attachment of dirt and marine growth. It even gives the aluminum a smooth silky feel which women appreciate when swimming near the boat

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Fiberglass Boats

Ceramic coatings are ideal for Powerboats, Jet Boats, Sail Boats, PWC's, Trailered Boats, Fishing Boats, House Boats & Pontoons. It is Boat Bottom Paint Alternative - Environment Friendly Boat Bottom Clear Marine Coating. Protects your boat against the Attachment of Algae, Barnacles & Zebra Mussels.


Protects Against the Attachment of Algae, Barnacles & Zebra Mussels, Prevents Osmosis Blisters


Race Proven / Fisherman Approved
Reduced Hull Drag Equals Less Friction
Results Show Improved Boat Performance
Better Acceleration
Better Maneuverability
Reduced Fuel Consumption
Greater Top Speed
Faster On Plane​